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CTT Solutions - Action Pistol Class

This a 2-day training event that will utilize the complete range.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The Action Pistol Course is designed to focus on USPSA style sport shooting with an emphasis on the fundamental skills necessary to progress in your division. The format will be a cold run on an actual Classifier stage from the USPSA library.  Specific drills followed by a focus on the specific component skills to improve shooting action techniques will be conducted. Following the drills, the classifier will be shot again. This methodology will be conducted over the 2 days with the inclusion and practice of 3-5 classifiers per day, which will be chosen at random for each class. The Classifiers will be simple with an easy set-up so they take a minimum amount of the training time. There will also be instruction on stage strategy and scoring as well as the understanding and use of the hit factor method in stage strategy.  

Cost is $550 per shooter.

Registration is Open.

Equipment Required:

  • Minimum ammunition requirement is 1000 rounds
  • Sport suitable handgun from a specific Division
  • Competition suitable gun-belt and pouches (minimum of three pouches for hi-cap guns, four for 10-round and five for single-stack guns (*unless running 10 round SS magazines)
  • Electric hearing protection
  • Ballistic eye protection

**IDPA shooters and rigs are more than welcome and encouraged**

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