United Multi-gun League Updates

We have had a bunch of questions regarding equipment over the past couple of UML matches.  We have tried to be lenient for newer shooters, but we need to start following the rules moving forward.  There has also been an updated copy of the rules posted to the  United Multi-gun League website (unitedmultigunleague.com), I will try to clear up a few items and explain some changes:


They can be used as a traditional PCC in the PCC Only and 2x4 Divisions.  This means they typically can be use to engage all paper and steel targets.  However, competitors must always follow the Written Stage Brief (WSB). 

PCC’s may be used as the Rifle for other divisions.  It must be used for the whole match and it will be considered the competitors “rifle” for the match and can only engage “rifle” targets.  For example, it wouldn’t be allowed to engage the knockdown steel that typically the PCC is used for.

In the PCC only division, “braced” pistols are allowed

2x4 Division

There are now 2 divisions for 2x4: Open and Tactical.  Being that we currently only have a couple of competitors that have even entered this division, we will only be offering the 2x4 Open division for the remainder of the year.  We will revisit this for 2019.


This has been a great division and has allowed a bunch of new shooters to join the sport.  We have been very lenient with folks regarding their equipment, especially the pistols.  Moving forward though, competitors not competing in their first match, must follow the UML Divisional Firearm Requirements.  This mean that the pistol must conform to Tactical Optics standards.  Carry Optics and Open pistols will not be allowed. 

We know this is confusing since we offer a regular 2-Gun match that uses UML rules.  However, the divisions in those matches are considered “outlaw” and not recognized by UML and most other multi-gun organizations.


There are now 3 different sub-types for Heavy and Match Directors must choose one of the divisions for their matches.  We will be using the “True Heavy” division moving into 2019.  This means there is a minimum caliber of 45ACP for the pistol and .308WIN for the rifle.  There are round count limits of 10 rounds for the pistol and 20 rounds for the rifle. The shotgun will need to be pump-action only and may not carry more than 8 rounds in the magazine at anytime. 


Please remember that if you use a firearm to engage a target, you must engage at least 3 targets with that firearm.  Failure to engage 3 targets will result in a 5 second procedural penalty per target not engaged.

You may change to a different firearm at anytime during the course of a match.  The new firearm must conform to the division requirements that you entered the match and you may not change caliber for that firearm platform (for example, rifle can’t be change from 5.56/.223 to 9mm).

Scoring updates

Here is a new breakdown on penalties for United Multigun Leagues “EMG” Scoring per the march 2018 updated now available on the UML website):

  • Failure to Neutralize (FTN) – 2 seconds
  • Miss – 4 seconds
  • Penalty Target – 5 seconds (is now per hit)
  • Failure to Engage any target inside 100 yards (FTE) – 9 seconds
  • Miss on Steel 45-100 yards – 9 seconds
  • Failure to Spin Spinner Target – 30 seconds
  • Procedural Penalties – 5 seconds   These include foot faults, failure to follow stage procedures, minimum target count per firearm, using a dump/pickup as a rest, failure to start in correct position, shooting a clay with something other than birdshot, coaching, abandoning a firearm safely on a start table (going in front of that firearm will result in 30 sec Safety Procedural).
  • Safety Procedural – 30 seconds  These include hitting KD steel inside of 45 yards with a slug, entering forbidden areas, dropping an unloaded pistol (never been loaded during course of fire), abandoning pistol in wrong containers, staging ammo or equipment other than the course of fire prescribes, firearm not abandoned safely but in designated container, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to complete a CONTACT form. 

Thanks for all your support this year.  We will see you at the range!

D. Scott Beebe, Owner, Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC

Criterion Barrels Inc. 2-Gun Series

Our first Criterion Barrels Inc. 2-Gun Series match is just over a week away, so we wanted to provide a little more information about this match format.  We will be using United Multi-gun League rules for this match.  We will have a separate article regarding some of the changes to expect with that; but for the most part, everything is very similar to what we have been doing at the range for the past couple of years.

Registration:  All matches at Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC are open to the public.  You do not need to be a Season Pass Holder at DSS or a member of the United Multi-gun League to enjoy these events.  Just show up, pay the match fee and enjoy.  We do recommend that you pre-register on Practiscore for our matches, we have a limited number of slots and we tend to go on a wait list for our more popular matches.

Divisions:  Open, Limited, Tac Ops, Heavy and PCC.  More information can be found on the 2-Gun Match page about the equipment guidelines.  However, this will be a true 2-gun match in the sense that you will be required to use both firearms on every stage.

Safety:  Our safety rules for matches will be mirroring those of USPSA.  Safety areas should be used for inspecting and repairing firearms and to holster your pistol.  Muzzles should be pointing into the berms at all times and there should never be any ammunition in the safety areas.  To uncase your rifle, please go to a side berm and remove the rifle while keeping the muzzle pointed at the side berm and then carry the rifle in a “muzzle up” format.  Competitors must use a chamber safety flag, or clear chamber device, that is easily visible externally to the gun when transporting from vehicles or stage to stage (we will have some chamber flags for you to use).  We hope to have long gun racks available before we are too far along in the season.

Targets:  We will utilize 4 types of targets that will remain consistent throughout the year.  Yellow Steel will be for Rifle or PCC and the number of hits required to neutralize will be defined on the written stage brief.  White Reactive Steel will be for Pistol or PCC.  Square Paper Targets will be for Rifle or PCC and will require 1 hit in the circle or 2 hits anywhere on paper to neutralize.  Metric Paper Targets will be for Pistol only and will require 1 hit in the A-Zone or 2 hits anywhere on paper to neutralize.  Perforations are in play on both scored and penalty targets.

Stages:  We will generally try to have the stage descriptions posted on our Facebook page.  We have a USPSA match on the following day, so some of the stages will have a similar footprint to those matches.  We will always try to have a longer stage on the Rifle Bay and Bay #2.  Since some stages will be longer or shorter than others, we will more than likely have a little back-up on the longer stages when the matches are pretty full.  However, it is our goal to try and have the match completed by 1:30-2:00 at the latest.

Point Series:  We will also be setting aside a portion of every match fee to build a cash prize pool for the top finishers; $3 for each match fee collected (comped match fees will not accumulate in the total prize pool).  For every $50 that is set aside for a division, DSS will pay out 1 place.  For more information, please see the 2-Gun Match page.

Loaner Equipment:  We will have some access to loaner equipment.  In fact, American Defense MFG has provide us with a carbine that can be used at these matches.  For this match it will be limited to rifle equipment (you will need to make sure that you have your own pistol, holster and magazines.  Competitors are welcome to share their personal equipment.  Each competitor is responsible for making sure that whatever firearm they are using that it is safe and proper working condition.

If you have any additional questions, please feel to Contact us directly.  We look forward to seeing you at the range!

2018 Update - USPSA Matches

2017 was a great year for our USPSA program, North East Ohio Shooters.  We had 844 guns run through our matches, which was over 100 more than any other program in Ohio!  Big thanks to all the folks that made that happen.

So, how do we improve our program in 2018?  We here is what we are planning:

  • We are keeping the same leadership in place for 2018 (Don Maher, Scott Beebe and David Snethkamp).  In fact, just about everybody that volunteered in 2017 has already recommitted to help again in 2018. We also have some new and returning volunteers that would like to pitch in this year!  Plus, we have added a new field to our registration form so that folks that would like to volunteer have an easy way to communicate with us.
  • We have scheduled 16 matches for 2018 on the 2nd Sundays and 4th Saturdays of March through the beginning of November.  We did not schedule the 4th Saturday Match in May so that everyone can participate and support the Buckeye Blast Ohio State Championship.
  • We initially plan to offer 2 start times at several of our matches (9:00AM and 1:00PM).  This will give shooters the opportunity to sleep in a little if they would like or shoot a second gun!  We will see how this goes now that we have some additional parking available at the range.  Hopefully this will be available at all of our Sunday matches and a few of the Saturday matches.
  • The range improvements will add a better experience to all of our matches.  Cleaner, larger and safer!
  • We will be building more walls in the next couple of months.  More walls = better (and bigger) stages!
  • We have already purchased a new (and more devious) star to use in matches.  We also plan on purchasing more steel throughout the year, including:
  • 6 Pepper Poppers (12 total)
  • 12 Mini Poppers (19 total)
  • 2 Drop Turners
  • 2 Max Traps
  • William Holmes has provided us with a foot activator and plans to build a second one for us to use.  This will add a new element to our stages that we haven’t been able to utilize.
  • We have provided stage design templates on the USPSA match page on our website.  We have had several competitors that have offered suggestions for stages…so now they can put it on paper for us!  There may even be a little incentive for anybody that publishes a stage that is used in one of our matches (hint, hint).
  • All of the matches have been added to our Calendar.  Links are provided to registration on each date or you can go to Practiscore and search for our matches (just head over to the Matches page on Practiscore and type in “DSS - USPSA” in the search field and all of our matches we populate).
  • We will continue to accept online payments through Practiscore prior to the match.  There has been little demand to pay at the match with a credit card, so we have discontinued that practice.
  • We are planning to offer 1 classifier per month.  The classifier will be offered at alternating matches each month (2nd Sunday one month, then 4th Saturday the next, and repeat…).  We also tentatively plan on offering 2 “classifier” matches during the year: the first at the beginning of year prior to the state match and the other later in the year before things get too cold.  We still need to submit these for approval, so we will announce dates for these events at another time.  If everything work out, we hope to present 16 classifiers this year.

We hope that you are as excited to start the year as we are!  If you have any questions, please fill out a Contact form or send us a message through our Facebook page.  Otherwise…

We will see you at the range!

Scott Beebe, Owner, Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC

Dynamic Shooting Sports Business Partners

Some of our followers may have noticed that we have changed one of the sections on our website from "SPONSORS" to "PARTNERS".   Here’s what’s up:

Dynamic Shooting Sports has tried to take a slightly different approach to the "sponsorship" model compared to other ranges, shooting teams and individual competitors.  The typical model usually has the “sponsors” handing out money or free goods in return for advertising for their products or services (usually on social media).  There is nothing wrong with this; in fact, many businesses are very successful with these types of programs.

However, as a current small business owner and a former business consultant and developer, I am familiar with the struggles of starting and growing a business.  Plus, it seems like at every turn, there is always another individual or group asking for a handout from your business.  So, Dynamic Shooting Sports is committed to not be one of those entities asking for a bunch of freebies.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our business partners by developing discount programs that result in profitable transactions and increased exposure for these businesses and discounted goods and services for us.  We would like to make sure that we do not put a business or service provider in a situation that they run the risk of losing money or not seeing any returns for doing business with us.  We also want to make sure these programs include the individual shooters that support us at DSS and that not just the range or shooting team.  

It has been difficult to put together my complete thoughts on this business philosophy.  I would like to thank Carl Schult from Gunfighter Targets and Eli Crandall from Gallant Bullets for their input and support.  In fact, I have more to share about both of these men and their businesses…so please keep an eye on our Facebook page for more!

See you at the range!

D. Scott Beebe, Owner


DSS: Version 2018

We were very pleased with the response from everyone this past Sunday when we hosted our first meeting for 2018 Season Pass signups.  Thank you very much!  However, one thing became clear to me through that meeting:  There is an opportunity to further explain the improvements we have planned for the range.  There were a bunch of good questions about our plans during the meeting, so I have put together this list to better explain our plans for the range in 2018:

Berms – Over the course of time, berms “flatten” due to normal erosion.  We have a contractor that will be starting work on November 6th to push the berms back up and add material as needed.  They will be focusing on where the side berms meet the front walls of Bays 2 and 3. 

Rifle Bay – The contractor will be working to raise the height and extend the berm at the bottom of the Rifle Bay over to the property line.  They will be recontouring the bay so that water doesn’t run down the middle of the bay.  This will get rid of the ruts and should allow for the bay to dry out quicker after heavy rains.  We are also hopeful that we will have enough material to start a new berm along the north side of the rifle bay. 

Fix the Entrance – Again, we will be working with the same contractor to help manage how water runs through the property.  We will add a culvert under the main entrance and build back up the entrance way so that it meets the road (right now there is a significant drop-off from the road).  With water being able to move through the culvert, we feel this should prevent future erosion. 

New Bay Surfaces – Regular wear and erosion of the surfaces in the bays requires us to periodically add new material to the surface of the bays.  We hope to complete this in November, weather permitting.  We also plan to put material on the Rifle Bay (which hasn’t been surfaced previously).

Additional Storage – We have plans to add another 12’ x 32’ storage building on the property.  This will be located at either the top of the rifle bay or alongside the current storage barn behind Bay 2.  This new building will be used to store match equipment and supplies.  This will also free the current building to be used for the…

Public Range Building – That’s right, the current storage barn will be converted to store equipment and supplies for day-to-day use by our Season Pass Holders.  We will have target stands, sticks, static steel targets and some reactive steel targets available.  The steel targets will be available for pistol use and the reactive steel targets will be available for pistol and shotgun (birdshot only).  We will not have any rifle steel available at the start of 2018 but plan to offer it later in the year.  We will supply used targets from our matches and will have new targets available for purchase.

2018 Season Passes – We are offering 2018 Season Passes at a discount through November 1st.  Please see the previous posts for all the details.  We still have 4 more meetings this month to sign up and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount pricing!

Team DSS - Team DSS will be a group of shooters that excel in the various practical shooting sports offered at Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC.  The team will work together with our sponsors to improve their skills, provide guidance to newer shooters, and grow the practical shooting sports in our region.  These individuals model good sportsmanship, a willingness to help others, dedication to training and a passion for all shooting sports.  For 2018, we will have a team of 5 shooters.  They are supported through our…

Sponsors – We have secured three sponsors for the range and shooting team and are very close to adding a fourth sponsor.  We already introduced Gunfighter Targets, they are the title sponsor for the upcoming North-East Ohio 3 Gun Shoot-Out.  We will be introducing the other sponsors through social media and our website during the month of October.  We view our sponsors as business partners: Team DSS is an extension of their companies and they reflect the passions and ideals of DSS to grow the practical shooting sports in our area.

New Range and Match Equipment – Here is a breakdown of what we have purchased and plan to purchase for 2018:

  • 40 targets stands that can be used for both paper and static steel. – Already being used in our USPSA matches.
  • We now have over 60 reactive steel targets from Gunfighter Targets and plan to purchase more in the spring for use in many of our match formats.
  • We look to have about 6 new moving targets (swingers, max traps, drop turners) and a couple of foot activators for use in our matches for 2018.
  • Some of our local shooters have provided us with over 40 pieces of static steel and 50 clay target stands…thank you Brian and Jim!
  • We have constructed 12 new “dump boxes for use in our multi-gun matches.  They will be in action at our November 4th, North East Ohio 3 Gun Shoot-Off.
  • We have supplies to build another dozen walls for our USPSA matches.
  • Building new shooting boxes out of tubular steel (not wood) for the weekday steel matches.
  • We will be building some additional walls out of heaver materials (rather than the 2”x2” walls we use for matches) for another project…

Practice Stage – We will be building some heavy-duty/weather resistant walls to create a practice stage.  The practice stage will be left up for several weeks at a time in one of the bays.  We will probably change the configuration of the walls about every 4 to 6 weeks.  The practice stage will be available for Season Pass holders and on…

Training Sessions – Through-out the year we would to have training sessions that are open to our Season Pass Holders as well as the public.  These events will be hosted by me, our match directors, local instructors, and Team DSS members.  Different sessions will have different focuses, sometimes they may be related to the competitive/practical side of shooting and other times they may be more defensive in nature.  The cost will be relatively low for all and we will offer a discount for the Season Pass holders.

USPSA – We have been very fortunate to have North East Ohio Shooters at the range for the past 3 years.  2017 has been a great year, we have been realizing an increase of over 30% in participation through the end of September.  Thus, we are only planning on two changes for 2018:  The name will change to Dynamic Shooting Sports and we hope to add additional parking for our weekend events.  This should make it easier to get in and out of the property and may afford us to offer an additional start time for certain events (which means the opportunity to shoot a second time/gun).  Plans for the parking aren’t finalized yet, we should know for sure at the beginning of the new year.  Leadership will remain the same and we will still offer 2 matches every month during the shooting season.

3 Gun – DSS has already become an official 3 Gun Nation club.  We look to expand on the current program by consolidating resources with the USPSA program.  This will mean more targets, props, and supplies at our disposal to build better stages, simplify setup and enhance match management.  We will expand our online payment program to include 3 Gun matches, so shooters will have the option of paying for their matches with a credit card through Practiscore when they register for all week end matches.  We will also offer a 2 Gun option at our matches at the beginning of the year on a trial basis.  This program has been offered in the past, we will continue to monitor the program and see how successful it becomes.

Dynamic Steel – The week night steel match is receiving a face lift.  We will have more steel, more props and more fun!  In fact, we already have or have ordered over 120 pieces of steel to use for this match.  Match management will change slightly to give a more freedom to shooters.  Scoring will remain simple but match directors will be inputting those scores into Practiscore.  This will give shooters more information to evaluate and track their performance.  Don’t worry, you won’t need to preregister on Practiscore…just show up, shoot, and have fun!

Steel Challenge Series – We will be expanding our partnership with USPSA by offering the Dynamic Steel Challenge Series.  The series will consist of 3 weekend matches throughout the year: spring, summer, and fall.  These matches will consist of 8 to 10 courses of fire including at least 2 of the official Steel Challenges stages.  We will be keeping score for each division and at the end of the year we will be awarding some cash prizes based upon cumulative scores (more to come about this program).

Additional Weekend Matches – We have several other match formats that we will be offering throughout the year:  2 Gun, Action Rifle, Shotgun Speed and Dynamic Shotgun.  Just keep an eye on Facebook and the Calendar for what’s coming up next.

Updated Website – Obviously you are probably aware of the website (since you are here now reading this post).  The most important feature of the new site is the Calendar.  The calendar has all the matches and events that DSS will be hosting as well as information about classes being offered by instructors like Waypoint and Paragon 6.  The links on the Calendar will have information about the events as well as links to registration.

I am sure that there are other plans and goals that I have forgotten, but I think you get the idea:  2018 will be a great year at Dynamic Shooting Sports, LCC…see you at the range!

D. Scott Beebe, Owner, Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC

F.A.Q. - Season Passes

I have received several text messages, emails and phone calls asking for additional information about the 2018 Season Pass for Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC.  Below are answers to some of the most asked questions:

What is the purpose of having a Season Pass?The Season Pass is for shooters that would like access to our outdoor shooting bays for practicing their shooting skills. 

When can I use the range if I have a Season Pass?As a Season Pass holder, you can use the range anytime a bay is available.  We do host a few competitive matches each month and instructors use the range for their classes from time to time; these types of events do limit access.  We have a Calendar posted on our website so that Season Pass holders can plan around these events.  Plus, most of the instructors use only 1 bay for their classes, so there are still 3 bays available for practice.

Do I need to make a reservation to use a bay?No, you do not.  Use of the range is on a “first-come, first-served basis” for Season Pass holders.  We do ask everyone to please be considerate of others and not to monopolize the range.  We are limiting the number of Season Passes that we are selling in an effort to ensure availability for all Season Pass holders.

How early or late can I shoot?So that we are good neighbors, we don’t allow any shooting before 8:00am or after dusk or 8:00pm (whichever is earlier).

Do a need to bring my own targets?You are certainly welcome to bring your own targets.  We are working on purchasing another storage building to house all our competition equipment.  Once we do that, we will repurpose the current barn for the Season Pass holder.  We will have some target stands for paper and cardboard and steel pistol targets available.  There may be a few other fun items in there too!

Can I bring a guest?Yes.  Individual Season Pass holders may bring one guest with them when they use the range (Family Season Pass holder may bring 2 guests).  Guests will be allowed to visit the range up to 3 times per year before being required to purchase a Season Pass for themselves.  There will be some other rules regarding guests, but we will go over those rules when signing up for your pass.

Why do I need a certain “classification” in a shooting sport to purchase a Season Pass?Season Pass holders will be using the range in an “unsupervised” manner.  Thus, by obtaining a certain “classification” in a shooting sport, attending a DSS or approved instructor training class, or attending our safety class, you will have demonstrated an understanding of safe firearm operation. 

What “classification” do I need to have to purchase a Season Pass? – You will need to have one of the following: a “C” classification in any division of USPSA, “Marksman” classification with IDPA or 3 Gun Nation, attend a Level 1 class with Waypoint Shooting School or Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC, be a certified NRA instructor, or have a current Ohio CCW that expires after 12/12018.  If you don’t have any of these, you would be required to attend a safety class sponsored by Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC. 

Do I have to attend one of the meetings on 10/8 or 10/28 in order to purchase a season pass?  No, you don’t.  However, you are required to have a safety briefing and sign the proper releases before you can purchase a Season Pass.  We will be covering both of those items on those days and will give folks that attend those meetings first chance at purchasing a Season Pass.  You can contact us to make other arrangements if you cannot make the meeting.

I am a current Season Pass holder with ARO Group, can I just renew without attending one of the meetings?We are reserving space for current Season Pass with ARO Group until 11/1/2017.  However, we will still require everyone to attend one of the meeting or make special arrangements with us to complete a safety briefing and sign new paperwork.  Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC has its own lease for the use of the range and isn’t purchasing the business of ARO Group.  This means we are required to do our own diligence in making sure that people are qualified to use the range.

I am a certified firearms instructor.  If I purchase a Season Pass, can I bring my students as a guest to the range?No.  If you would like to conduct a class or teach at DSS, please complete a Contact form and include your phone number.  We will get back to you ASAP.

There will be more information shared at the 10/8 and 10/28 meetings regarding specific use of the range, administrative rules and facilitating guests and special events.  If you have immediate concerns, please complete a Contact form and include your phone number.  We will respond as soon as we are done shooting.

Thank you.  We will see you at the range!

D. Scott Beebe, Owner

Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC

Finally...SEASON PASS Information!!!

Requests for information about our Season Pass have been the #1 question that we have received from shooters since we announced that Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC will start operating the range on November 1st.  So, without further ado, here’s all the pertinent information:

  • Season Passes will be $200 per year for Individuals and $300 per year for Families.
  • A Family is considered an individual, his/her spouse and any children or grandchildren under the age of 18.
  • All Season Passes are good for the calendar year and terminate on December 31, 2018.
  • Season Passes will be prorated for Individuals and Families if not purchased at the beginning of the year according to this schedule: 
    • Jan - April       Individual $200       Family $300
    • May - June      Individual $170        Family $255
    • July - Aug       Individual $140        Family $210
    • Sept - Dec      Individual $100        Family $150
  • Season Passes will go on sale starting October 1, 2017 for the 2018 calendar year.
  • Season Passes will be offered at a reduced price if purchased before November 1, 2017 of $150 for Individuals and $250 for Families for the 2018 Season.
  • For Season Passes that are purchased prior to December 1, 2017, shooters will be granted access to the range for the last 2 months of 2017 and will receive 2 coupons for $5 off any DSS event (match, practice session, class, etc.).
  • Shooters will be required to sign a Waiver, Release and Indemnity Agreement, and a Range Rules Agreement before purchasing a Season Pass.  These documents will be available for preview later.
  • For safety purposes, to be eligible for a Season Pass, individuals must be or meet one of the following standards or you will be required to attend a safety certification course.   The safety certification class is approximately an hour long and is designed to assure that shooters who use the range are proficient enough to safely use the range unsupervised.
    • a previous ARO Group Season Pass Holder
    • current military or LEO
    • have attained a “C” classification in USPSA or the equivalent in another practical shooting sport
    • attended a Level 1 Training Course with Waypoint Shooting School
    • have a valid Ohio CCW
  • Dynamic Shooting Sports will hold a meeting after the October 8th & October 28th USPSA matches (approx. 1:00pm) and after the October 22nd match (approx. 2:00pm) to go over range rules, sign waivers and pay for your Season Pass.  A safety certification class will be held on those days if needed.

We have some improvements that are coming to the range that should help to enhance the experience for Season Pass Holders.  Everything hasn’t been finalized yet, so please stay tuned for more announcements.

See you at the range!

D. Scott Beebe, Owner
Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC

We Wanted to Introduce Ourselves...

We just sent out our first email campaign last night!  Here's what we had to say:

Hello Everyone,

Dynamic Shooting Sports, LCC was formed in early 2017 to continue the operation of the outdoor shooting and defensive training faicility located on Alliance Road in Deerfield, Ohio.  DSS will take over operations from ARO Group on November 1, 2017.  You are receiving this message because you are a current season pass holder at ARO Group or you have attended a shooting match, defensive training or other event at the range in the past couple of years. 

We are planning to make a series of announcements in the coming weeks about our plans. These announcements will include upcoming improvements, season pass rates, new range policies, 2017-18 match schedule and other fun news. Before we start filling up your inbox, we wanted to give you an opportunity to "opt-out" of receiving these messages if you aren't interested or if this information doesn't apply to you.  We might also have multiple email addresses for you, so we want to also give you the chance to decide where to receive your news.  In either case, please use the option to "opt-out".

You can also choose to follow us on Facebook or learn more about us at our Website.  The website also includes a helpful Calendar of upcoming events.

Please look for more announcements over the next few days.  Until then...we will see you at the range!

D. Scott Beebe, Owner


It's ALIVE!!! Check out our website: dynamicshootingsports.us

We are still adding content and editing a few things, but there is enough posted to share this with everyone. Features include:

MATCHES - a listing of the different types of matches we will be offering in 2018, including USPSA, 3 Gun Nation, Dynamic Steel and much more.

TEAM - We will be supporting a small shooting team of 5 local shooters. We will be announcing the team members later this month.

SPONSORS - We are working to partner with local, regional and national companies in the shooting industry that would like to support our efforts at the range and with the shooting team.

INSTRUCTORS - This is a list of third-party Instructors that regularly use our range to teach. Links are provided to their websites and we include  their classes at the range on our calendar. Check out what Waypoint Shooting School is offering.

CALENDAR - An interactive calendar with a monthly view of all upcoming events at the range. The event details have links for registration and for match scores when posted. Currently, the Calendar is populated with the remaining events that ARO Group will be hosting this year.

NEWS - Coming Soon

CONTACT - Another means to get in touch with us.

We are also developing an ABOUT page that will have more information about DSS including season pass rates and availability. Stay tuned for more news about Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC later this month!