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Intro to Practical Pistol Competition

Dynamic Shooting Sports, Intro to Practical Pistol Competition

This is not a “how to shoot class”. Instead this is geared to individuals that have basic firearm skills that have never entered a competition before. Here is some of what we will be covering:

  • Review the different types of practical pistol matches that we offer and that are available in our region.

  • Briefly discuss other types of firearm matches available in our region (rifle/carbine, PRS, multi-gun). • Discuss safety procedures at matches.

  • Review the different divisions that are available at certain matches and discuss what gear is legal for those divisions.

  • Briefly discuss the rules and scoring for the different matches.

  • Explain what is expected from competitors at matches: participation, courtesy and etiquette.

  • There will be a couple of practice stages that attendees will get an opportunity to shoot under the supervision of the instructors.

We ask that you bring the firearm you are looking to compete with (pistol or PCC), a “duty-style” holster, 3-4 magazines with at least 2 magazine pouches, 150 rounds of ammunition for your firearm, and eye & ear protection.

If you don’t have something on this list, please don’t buy anything new for this event (except eye and ear protection). We will have loaner gear that you will be able to use. Plus, we will review everyone’s gear and make recommendation on what to purchase. We don’t want to see new competitors spend money on the wrong type of gear or items that they won’t use.

Dynamic Shooting Sports is located at 1300 Alliance Road in Deerfield, OH (about 1/4 mile north of Rt-224). DSS hosts a variety of practical shooting matches each month including 2 USPSA matches, various multi-gun matches and a weekly "outlaw" steel match Wednesdays. For more details about our matches and the range, please visit us at

We will see you at the range!

Cost for class is $10. Registration is available through Practiscore. CLASS IS FULL!!!

This class will utilize Bays 1 & 2.

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