F.A.Q. - SEASON Pass 2018

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I have received several text messages, emails and phone calls asking for additional information about the 2018 Season Pass for Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC.  Below are answers to some of the most asked questions:

What is the purpose of having a Season Pass? – The Season Pass is for shooters that would like access to our outdoor shooting bays for practicing their shooting skills. 

When can I use the range if I have a Season Pass? – As a Season Pass holder, you can use the range anytime a bay is available.  We do host a few competitive matches each month and instructors use the range for their classes from time to time; these types of events do limit access.  We have a Calendar posted on our website so that Season Pass holders can plan around these events.  Plus, most of the instructors use only 1 bay for their classes, so there are still 3 bays available for practice.

Do I need to make a reservation to use a bay? – No, you do not.  Use of the range is on a “first-come, first-served basis” for Season Pass holders.  We do ask everyone to please be considerate of others and not to monopolize the range.  We are limiting the number of Season Passes that we are selling in an effort to ensure availability for all Season Pass holders.

How early or late can I shoot? – So that we are good neighbors, we don’t allow any shooting before 8:00am or after dusk or 8:00pm (whichever is earlier).

Do a need to bring my own targets? – You are certainly welcome to bring your own targets.  We are working on purchasing another storage building to house all our competition equipment.  Once we do that, we will repurpose the current barn for the Season Pass holder.  We will have some target stands for paper and cardboard and steel pistol targets available.  There may be a few other fun items in there too!

Can I bring a guest? – Yes.  Individual Season Pass holders may bring one guest with them when they use the range (Family Season Pass holder may bring 2 guests).  Guests will be allowed to visit the range up to 3 times per year before being required to purchase a Season Pass for themselves.  There will be some other rules regarding guests, but we will go over those rules when signing up for your pass.

Why do I need a certain “classification” in a shooting sport to purchase a Season Pass? – Season Pass holders will be using the range in an “unsupervised” manner.  Thus, by obtaining a certain “classification” in a shooting sport, attending a DSS or approved instructor training class, or attending our safety class, you will have demonstrated an understanding of safe firearm operation. 

What “classification” do I need to have to purchase a Season Pass? – You will need to have one of the following: a “C” classification in any division of USPSA, “Marksman” classification with IDPA or 3 Gun Nation, attend a Level 1 class with Waypoint Shooting School or Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC, be a certified NRA instructor, or have a current Ohio CCW that expires after 12/12018.  If you don’t have any of these, you would be required to attend a safety class sponsored by Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC. 

Do I have to attend one of the meetings on 10/8 or 10/28 in order to purchase a season pass?  No, you don’t.  However, you are required to have a safety briefing and sign the proper releases before you can purchase a Season Pass.  We will be covering both of those items on those days and will give folks that attend those meetings first chance at purchasing a Season Pass.  You can contact us to make other arrangements if you cannot make the meeting.

I am a current Season Pass holder with ARO Group, can I just renew without attending one of the meetings? – We are reserving space for current Season Pass with ARO Group until 11/1/2017.  However, we will still require everyone to attend one of the meeting or make special arrangements with us to complete a safety briefing and sign new paperwork.  Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC has its own lease for the use of the range and isn’t purchasing the business of ARO Group.  This means we are required to do our own diligence in making sure that people are qualified to use the range.

I am a certified firearms instructor.  If I purchase a Season Pass, can I bring my students as a guest to the range? – No.  If you would like to conduct a class or teach at DSS, please complete a Contact form and include your phone number.  We will get back to you ASAP.

There will be more information shared at the 10/8 and 10/28 meetings regarding specific use of the range, administrative rules and facilitating guests and special events.  If you have immediate concerns, please complete a Contact form and include your phone number.  We will respond as soon as we are done shooting.

Thank you.  We will see you at the range!

D. Scott Beebe, Owner

Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC