It's ALIVE!!! Check out our website:

We are still adding content and editing a few things, but there is enough posted to share this with everyone. Features include:

MATCHES - a listing of the different types of matches we will be offering in 2018, including USPSA, 3 Gun Nation, Dynamic Steel and much more.

TEAM - We will be supporting a small shooting team of 5 local shooters. We will be announcing the team members later this month.

SPONSORS - We are working to partner with local, regional and national companies in the shooting industry that would like to support our efforts at the range and with the shooting team.

INSTRUCTORS - This is a list of third-party Instructors that regularly use our range to teach. Links are provided to their websites and we include  their classes at the range on our calendar. Check out what Waypoint Shooting School is offering.

CALENDAR - An interactive calendar with a monthly view of all upcoming events at the range. The event details have links for registration and for match scores when posted. Currently, the Calendar is populated with the remaining events that ARO Group will be hosting this year.

NEWS - Coming Soon

CONTACT - Another means to get in touch with us.

We are also developing an ABOUT page that will have more information about DSS including season pass rates and availability. Stay tuned for more news about Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC later this month!