We Wanted to Introduce Ourselves...

We just sent out our first email campaign last night!  Here's what we had to say:

Hello Everyone,

Dynamic Shooting Sports, LCC was formed in early 2017 to continue the operation of the outdoor shooting and defensive training faicility located on Alliance Road in Deerfield, Ohio.  DSS will take over operations from ARO Group on November 1, 2017.  You are receiving this message because you are a current season pass holder at ARO Group or you have attended a shooting match, defensive training or other event at the range in the past couple of years. 

We are planning to make a series of announcements in the coming weeks about our plans. These announcements will include upcoming improvements, season pass rates, new range policies, 2017-18 match schedule and other fun news. Before we start filling up your inbox, we wanted to give you an opportunity to "opt-out" of receiving these messages if you aren't interested or if this information doesn't apply to you.  We might also have multiple email addresses for you, so we want to also give you the chance to decide where to receive your news.  In either case, please use the option to "opt-out".

You can also choose to follow us on Facebook or learn more about us at our Website.  The website also includes a helpful Calendar of upcoming events.

Please look for more announcements over the next few days.  Until then...we will see you at the range!

D. Scott Beebe, Owner