Criterion Barrels Inc. 2-Gun Series

Our first Criterion Barrels Inc. 2-Gun Series match is just over a week away, so we wanted to provide a little more information about this match format.  We will be using United Multi-gun League rules for this match.  We will have a separate article regarding some of the changes to expect with that; but for the most part, everything is very similar to what we have been doing at the range for the past couple of years.

Registration:  All matches at Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC are open to the public.  You do not need to be a Season Pass Holder at DSS or a member of the United Multi-gun League to enjoy these events.  Just show up, pay the match fee and enjoy.  We do recommend that you pre-register on Practiscore for our matches, we have a limited number of slots and we tend to go on a wait list for our more popular matches.

Divisions:  Open, Limited, Tac Ops, Heavy and PCC.  More information can be found on the 2-Gun Match page about the equipment guidelines.  However, this will be a true 2-gun match in the sense that you will be required to use both firearms on every stage.

Safety:  Our safety rules for matches will be mirroring those of USPSA.  Safety areas should be used for inspecting and repairing firearms and to holster your pistol.  Muzzles should be pointing into the berms at all times and there should never be any ammunition in the safety areas.  To uncase your rifle, please go to a side berm and remove the rifle while keeping the muzzle pointed at the side berm and then carry the rifle in a “muzzle up” format.  Competitors must use a chamber safety flag, or clear chamber device, that is easily visible externally to the gun when transporting from vehicles or stage to stage (we will have some chamber flags for you to use).  We hope to have long gun racks available before we are too far along in the season.

Targets:  We will utilize 4 types of targets that will remain consistent throughout the year.  Yellow Steel will be for Rifle or PCC and the number of hits required to neutralize will be defined on the written stage brief.  White Reactive Steel will be for Pistol or PCC.  Square Paper Targets will be for Rifle or PCC and will require 1 hit in the circle or 2 hits anywhere on paper to neutralize.  Metric Paper Targets will be for Pistol only and will require 1 hit in the A-Zone or 2 hits anywhere on paper to neutralize.  Perforations are in play on both scored and penalty targets.

Stages:  We will generally try to have the stage descriptions posted on our Facebook page.  We have a USPSA match on the following day, so some of the stages will have a similar footprint to those matches.  We will always try to have a longer stage on the Rifle Bay and Bay #2.  Since some stages will be longer or shorter than others, we will more than likely have a little back-up on the longer stages when the matches are pretty full.  However, it is our goal to try and have the match completed by 1:30-2:00 at the latest.

Point Series:  We will also be setting aside a portion of every match fee to build a cash prize pool for the top finishers; $3 for each match fee collected (comped match fees will not accumulate in the total prize pool).  For every $50 that is set aside for a division, DSS will pay out 1 place.  For more information, please see the 2-Gun Match page.

Loaner Equipment:  We will have some access to loaner equipment.  In fact, American Defense MFG has provide us with a carbine that can be used at these matches.  For this match it will be limited to rifle equipment (you will need to make sure that you have your own pistol, holster and magazines.  Competitors are welcome to share their personal equipment.  Each competitor is responsible for making sure that whatever firearm they are using that it is safe and proper working condition.

If you have any additional questions, please feel to Contact us directly.  We look forward to seeing you at the range!