United Multi-gun League Updates

We have had a bunch of questions regarding equipment over the past couple of UML matches.  We have tried to be lenient for newer shooters, but we need to start following the rules moving forward.  There has also been an updated copy of the rules posted to the  United Multi-gun League website (unitedmultigunleague.com), I will try to clear up a few items and explain some changes:


They can be used as a traditional PCC in the PCC Only and 2x4 Divisions.  This means they typically can be use to engage all paper and steel targets.  However, competitors must always follow the Written Stage Brief (WSB). 

PCC’s may be used as the Rifle for other divisions.  It must be used for the whole match and it will be considered the competitors “rifle” for the match and can only engage “rifle” targets.  For example, it wouldn’t be allowed to engage the knockdown steel that typically the PCC is used for.

In the PCC only division, “braced” pistols are allowed

2x4 Division

There are now 2 divisions for 2x4: Open and Tactical.  Being that we currently only have a couple of competitors that have even entered this division, we will only be offering the 2x4 Open division for the remainder of the year.  We will revisit this for 2019.


This has been a great division and has allowed a bunch of new shooters to join the sport.  We have been very lenient with folks regarding their equipment, especially the pistols.  Moving forward though, competitors not competing in their first match, must follow the UML Divisional Firearm Requirements.  This mean that the pistol must conform to Tactical Optics standards.  Carry Optics and Open pistols will not be allowed. 

We know this is confusing since we offer a regular 2-Gun match that uses UML rules.  However, the divisions in those matches are considered “outlaw” and not recognized by UML and most other multi-gun organizations.


There are now 3 different sub-types for Heavy and Match Directors must choose one of the divisions for their matches.  We will be using the “True Heavy” division moving into 2019.  This means there is a minimum caliber of 45ACP for the pistol and .308WIN for the rifle.  There are round count limits of 10 rounds for the pistol and 20 rounds for the rifle. The shotgun will need to be pump-action only and may not carry more than 8 rounds in the magazine at anytime. 


Please remember that if you use a firearm to engage a target, you must engage at least 3 targets with that firearm.  Failure to engage 3 targets will result in a 5 second procedural penalty per target not engaged.

You may change to a different firearm at anytime during the course of a match.  The new firearm must conform to the division requirements that you entered the match and you may not change caliber for that firearm platform (for example, rifle can’t be change from 5.56/.223 to 9mm).

Scoring updates

Here is a new breakdown on penalties for United Multigun Leagues “EMG” Scoring per the march 2018 updated now available on the UML website):

  • Failure to Neutralize (FTN) – 2 seconds
  • Miss – 4 seconds
  • Penalty Target – 5 seconds (is now per hit)
  • Failure to Engage any target inside 100 yards (FTE) – 9 seconds
  • Miss on Steel 45-100 yards – 9 seconds
  • Failure to Spin Spinner Target – 30 seconds
  • Procedural Penalties – 5 seconds   These include foot faults, failure to follow stage procedures, minimum target count per firearm, using a dump/pickup as a rest, failure to start in correct position, shooting a clay with something other than birdshot, coaching, abandoning a firearm safely on a start table (going in front of that firearm will result in 30 sec Safety Procedural).
  • Safety Procedural – 30 seconds  These include hitting KD steel inside of 45 yards with a slug, entering forbidden areas, dropping an unloaded pistol (never been loaded during course of fire), abandoning pistol in wrong containers, staging ammo or equipment other than the course of fire prescribes, firearm not abandoned safely but in designated container, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to complete a CONTACT form. 

Thanks for all your support this year.  We will see you at the range!

D. Scott Beebe, Owner, Dynamic Shooting Sports, LLC